Tsumi ni Nureta Futari

Tsumi ni Nureta Futari:

Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy
Mangaka: Kitagawa Miyuki
Summary (From ShoujoMagic:): This tale of forbidden fruit is ripe with angst and taboo. Nineteen year old college girl Kasumi is traveling in Italy after a painful breakup. In Rome, she meets a handsome Japanese man and, knowing nothing about him, not even his name, she has a one-night stand with him. There should have been no chance of them meeting again, but when Kasumi gets back to Japan, she learns that fate has played a cruel trick! The man she slept with was Yoshiki…her younger brother!! And that’s only the start of it…

Will be picked up from chapter 45~end
You may find previous chapters on mangatraders.


Volume 11:  MediaFire | MultiUpload

Volume 12:  MediaFire | MultiUpload

  • Chapter 46:  MediaFire | MultiUpload
  • Chapter 47:  MediaFire | MultiUpload
  • Chapter 48:  MediaFire | MultiUpload
  • Chapter 49:  MediaFire | MultiUpload

On Going!


6 thoughts on “Tsumi ni Nureta Futari

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  3. I can help with English grammar and the like, since I’m a Chinese fluent in English, though, shamefully I can’t read Japanese or Chinese that well at all.

  4. Hi there! Are you guys still working on this project? I really love the manga but I just found out that the translations stopped at 53.__. I’d be happy to help out with grammars or the likes too to help you guys release them faster! I’m sure a lot of people love this manga and are waiting for the continuation :)

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