Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Mangaka: Ichijou Lemon
Summary (From Sweet Temptation): Akatsuki Kouya is a genius medical student who doesn’t believe in people and tries to distance himself from them. However, he is tricked and imprisoned by Katase Eiichi, a professor who was attracted to his charm. One month after Kouya’s disappearance, Kisaragi Rei, the only one of Kouya’s team members who was worried about his disappearance, comes to his rescue. But the one who has become a tool in his professor’s human experiment is…! 

Picked up from chapter 2.

Chapter 1 was released by Sweet Temptation: MediaFire


On Going!


22 thoughts on “Kokuin

  1. Thank you so much for the releases,I will download all the 3 chapters available,tehehe.Ichijou sensei always create two hot guys,so this one must be the same!! Many thanks for the hard work ^ ^

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