Future Projects

We aren’t picking up projects from the first chapters. Currently, we’re only doing the ‘Dropped Outs Project’, so you can only suggest a project that was initially picked by a scanlator and then dropped~~ puff

You can suggest a project at our forum.

We consider a project dropped if it was oficially dropped, or if it’s 6 months(or more) without a release.

You’re free to suggest the project the way you want, but if you can provide us the Raws, it’s 100% that it’ll be picked(on the future)!

Here is our Future Projects list:

The striked ones have been picked up by another scanlation group, 
But we may pick them up if they’re dropped in the future.
We’ll strike the ones we picked up as well.

If the project was completed, we’ll remove it from the list.



Dekichatta Danshi
Monochrome Myst
Blazer Drive
Jinjuu Houretsuden
Issho ni neyou yo

Sidonia no Kishi
Embalming – The Another Tale of Frankenstein
Verdant Lord
Yama Fu-Tang
Ouji to Majou to Himegimi to
Boku o Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari
Birdy the Mighty
Fire Emblem
Watashi no Megane-kun
Love x Ero

Our goal is to make this list empty. (No, that’s impossible xD)

See our complete, detailed and updated list HERE.

We need japanese raws for the following projects:

Kii→Dai Dakara nandayo!
Manga no Tsukurikata
Mijuku Kajitsu
Momoyama Kyodai
Haitoku wa amaku mushibamu


15 thoughts on “Future Projects

  1. Hi!

    I just stumbled across your site, and wanted to see if you needed Shirogane no Ou (Fenrir Craft) raws. I scanned up vol 1 for SiH before it closed :) They’re flattened (not debound), Japanese, 300dpi. Toss me an email if you’re interested.

    Also, thought I’d let you know that Jinjuu Houretsuden and G-Defend are being continued at bamboo-feathers.livejournal.com.


  2. Hi :D Love your projects and wondering if you wouldn’t mind picking up Haru ni Arashi (sequel to Honya-san de Go) by Tsunoda Ryoku… Fantasy Shrine did it up to chapter 5 and it’s such a cliffhanger :'( I

    • Yes, of course we may pick it up but… We have a lot of upcoming projects, it may take a while until we start working on it :(
      At least, it won’t be forgotten forever.

  3. OH CRAP! You guys are deciding to pick up 9 Banme no Musashi!! YESSSSSS!!!!! I’ve always been thinking about taking that up, however, I have zero photoshop skills. If you guys plan on working on it sometime, I’ll gladly help out the translation portion from chinese => english,

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