Tsumi ni Nureta Futari 53

Nothing to say, just enjoy~

Chapter 53


28 thoughts on “Tsumi ni Nureta Futari 53

  1. Thank you for your hard work ! and especially chapter 53 to Tsumi Nureta Futari .
    I wanted to know if your team is still active, because your last new date of July 2014 and your forum seems dead since 2012 , you continue the project Tsumi Nureta Futari ? and complet this project? Why so much time passed between the releases?

    Thank you .

  2. thank you so much for being committed to completing this manga! I appreciate your efforts and know that real life can be such a pain when it comes to completing projects. keep going though and just keep doing your best. <3

  3. Nothing to say huh? Well I’ll give you something to say. I know everyone at that group probably has personal issues to deal with. I understand maybe the manga thing was just secondary but God damn it I have been waiting so much and much that it almost makes me cry of where Tsumi Ni Nureta Futari is? Look I know the manga is bad yes but you know what the author I feel like she actually put effort into making you care about these two leads laughable or not. This manga is a passionate love affair for me. I can not possibly keep waiting any longer just give me information hate me, I don’t care just tell me what is the progress of this manga? Or has it been abandoned again.

  4. now everyone gonna look at my commend since all of you most likely put up the notification on new comments ;D

    BTW Time for new releases Team Lemons!

    • Team Lemons, lol XD
      Almost one year and no group took this project from us… I would be happy if they did, since we can’t keep up like this.
      But I’ll try to contact our old members and see if we could have a new release.

      • ~~~~~~~~~ i got Raws to volume 18 ~~ …… if u want i can to some cleaning but hell i aint the best ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Translating u got to do since i dont speak Japanese :)

      • :( :( :(. I’m sad because I should’ve have never have said those things on that statement I made. I want to help! I would like to be any assistance on the manga Tsumi Ni Nureta Futari. You can joke about it if you want to but Maybe I can help. This is not a joke! I am being serious! I Would like to be help on helping on this manga. Please!! :(

      • I would help out as I have done editing/cleaning, etc before, but I don’t have a reliable enough computer with which to do it. should that change though, I will let you know!

      • I’m the translator, I would need help in cleaning / typesetting… If any of you guys can do it, or learn it (there are tutorials on the internet), I would gladly send you the raws and scripts… Send me an e-mail at sesshorim@gmail.com if you can help, or go to the “Join Us” section. Thanks!

      • hi there! I have sent you a request to help already. if you can give me a couple of months (6-8wks perhaps?) to find a house and get my computer back up to speed, I’m all over it. :D

  5. Hey there Miosama!
    Just wanted to let you know that I have also sent a reply as well to apply about a week ago. Like I said I have photoshop and ready to use. I am willing to be ready for the challenge and to not give up on a certain task so easily.

  6. I really hope this project can be finished because I need to know what happens!It’s killing me right now!It was stopped at such a bad place.I can wait but I really hope it gets finished.Thank you for your hard work.It really does mean a lot.Thank you!

    • Some oriental culture if is also okay as long as I know it, since my family in a traditional Chinese family in many aspects.

  7. Don’t say that. You know I’m going to be Bruttaly honest, it’s ok if you’ve never finished it. Sometimes things are never meant to be finished. As ridiculous as that sounds, maybe you might want to take that in consideration.

    It’s funny, I actually think this is a terrible manga but at the same time, it’s setup and Yoshiki and Kasumi as looking good together, it’s ambition and artistic erotic passion from Kitagawa is something that you have to admire.

    What’s strange this is the one manga you can tell that she fell in love the most. The rest of her mangas basically recycle plot points. And he’ll use the same character look alikes, that’s is just really cheap but at the same time maybe it’s her definition fantasy of starcrossed lover souls. Maybe that’s the reason why she uses it a lot.

    I really wanted to know so much, that I just read the raw files of it just to know what happens. Lol. That’s how devoted I was to find out what happens. So for you to say “I wish for someone to take it” which is understandable but to me You would be letting go (or maybe throwing away) Kitagawa’s Erotic Magnum Opus. I’m not saying to keep going with it, if you have to let it go fine. It’s a cruel thing called Life that makes you have to let it go.

    Maybe because I am hopeless romantic that makes me not want to see it go. But I know this not the end, I still have the raw files and the rest of the English versions online. Miyuki Kitagawa maybe not that original but Yoshiki and Kasumi are her best creations yet. And they may not be good characters, you can tell Kitagawa put her love and passion into them because she did maybe atleast a hundred chapters of them and she knew this couple was the definition of soulmates she was looking for. Yes they are brother and sister but like they all cliched romance novelists say “Love has no Boundaries.”

    [Yoshiki and Kasumi Forvever]


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