Watashi no Megane-kun Chapter 25

Hello, I’m just here today to bring you this release, hope you enjoy.

And we’re almost done with Megane-kun, only chapter 26 left! (Chapter 27 and 28 are already done)

Kokuin chapter 4 is coming soon, and that’s all for now. Thanks!

Here you go the download link: Watashi no Megane-kun Chapter 25


14 thoughts on “Watashi no Megane-kun Chapter 25

  1. Thank you so much! I am so excited that it is almost done! When you say that chapter 27 and 28 are already done, do you mean by you or another group? Will I have to go try to scavenger hunt for the last two chapters? Or do you mean you finished them before you finished 26? *hoping and praying for the latter* Anyway, thank you again for you wonderful work!

  2. hello. thanks for the update! I love this manga!
    A question need help with cleaning or something?
    They work with Chinese manga?

    • Watashi no Megane-kun is in Japanese.
      We’re currently in need of a typesetter for Tsumi ni Nureta Futari, Chinese translators for yaoi projects and a proofreader willing to work with anything.
      Cleaning is all right for now ^^

  3. Hi, just wondering. Is the Chapter 26 uploaded here? I can’t find it anywhere. Can you help me find it? Thank you for your hard work. Much appreciated. ^_^

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