Watashi no Megane-kun 16-19

I wanted  to release this on New Year, but chapter 16 took us more time than expected. (That’s because I had a lot of parties, etc)

But at least, here it is! A huge release with 4 chapters of Watashi no Megane-kun. Although there are just 4 chapters, each one have approximately 50 pages, so you’ll have a lot to read this weekend. =)

And I’m really sorry we got stuck on chapter 16 for so many months, that won’t happen again. Thanks for being so lovely.

Here you go the download links:



16 thoughts on “Watashi no Megane-kun 16-19

  1. That’s fine. It’s better than never releasing anything. Not so much left now. So don’t worry about. Instead thank you for doing this for us.

    Great job and keep up the great work.

  2. I am so thankful! Wow, I am just is awe. 4 whole chapters? And this is one of my most favorite mangas!!! Amazing!! You have worked so hard for us. Thank you so very much!

  3. Been following this around the Web since Hush… it gets dropped it gets picked up I love this story I really hope you complete it!

  4. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this mass release!!! I’m a huge fan of Watashi No Megane-Kun and so grateful of you picking up this project! Otsukare-Sama! :)

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