11 Eyes Chapter 9

Well, 3 more chapters and this project will be finished.
I have to say that, at first, I didn’t like this story very much.
But I don’t know why, I feel attached to Misuzu a lot now. She’s such a great character, so cool!
I haven’t watched the anime yet, but I plan to do it. Someone said it follows Yuka’s route. Since I didn’t like Yuka very much, I’m not expecting much from it, but will still give a try.
I’ll also play the Visual Novel, in which I may be able to feel like I’m with my beloved Misuzu, hahaha.

Well, that’s all, here’s your release, enjoy it!

And I’m really sorry if we’re being slow with some projects. Do you have any preferences of what you want to see released soon? I don’t know if we’ll continue with Issho ni Neyou yo or drop it, but most likely drop it, so consider it dropped for now (we may pick it up again if the project is forgotten). Thanks for everyone who supported us in this. Also, thanks to WindWake, whoever you may be. I was feeling down because of all this matter and your comment just cheered me up somehow. I’m speaking for me(Mio), though, don’t know about the group’s opinion.

Take care!


3 thoughts on “11 Eyes Chapter 9

  1. Oh I’m sorry you were feeling down because of that! *hugs*
    But it was not your fault in any way! The project was abandoned at that point from what WindWake checked in those updates. And you acted with no bad intentions at all.
    Don’t feel down, I think you are doing a great job rescuing mangas from their abandoned state :)
    Regarding the preferences, well, I don’t like putting any pressure on any scanlation group, I’ll let them decide according to their schedules and such :)

  2. It just felt like that person came to lash out at you guys, especially when their own blog tells otherwise. The rest of us are going to assume a group abandoned a title if there’s no activity on it for almost a year. Plus there’s no rule stating two groups can’t work on a series, though that’s sort of hurtful for your team as you could be working on the other projects on your list. I really love what you are doing, giving a lease of life for titles that lie forgotten over the years.

    It’s rather unfortunate that you have to face this drama. Dropping or keeping is entirely up to you guys, don’t worry too much about it!

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