New Project – Issho ni Neyou yo Chapter 21

Yes, that’s right, a new project! ^^

This one is cute, it was suggested by 90_9 at our forum.

We’re still considering picking up a lot of projects suggested by everyone, but we need more staff in order to do that! We already have our hands full with our current projects. Joints would be great as well, thanks!

Here you go the download link: Issho ni Neyou yo Chapter 21


Kokuin Chapter 3

Chapter 3 download

And if anyone has problems with mediafire, there’s always the option to download from MultiUpload at the project’s page. Though it may take some days for it to be available there after the release.

You may already know, but we’re always recruiting all positions. Please join us!

Thank you!!

11 Eyes Chapters 7 and 8!

A double release of 11 Eyes!
Just one more volume to go and this project will be complete.
Here you go the download links:


About the other projects,
Watashi no Megane-kun: We’re still working on chapter 16, but chapter 17 and 18 are already done, so expect a triple/quadra release.
Kokuin: Chapter 3 is already translated, it won’t take too long to be released…
Love x Ero: There are two chapters almost done, they’ll be released in 2~3 days. Again, a double release.

And about new projects, we still don’t have much news. Maybe Dekichatta Danshi will be picked up next, since one of our translators is interested on it. ^__^


Love x Ero Chapter 15

Whoa! This project is really going on quickly!

Like always, thank you very much for the lovely comments.

Here you go the download link.


And again, remember: We’re always recruiting all positions, beginners are welcome if they have the will to learn. Apply at our forum! ^_^