New Project – Love x Ero chapter 13!

A lot of requests for yaoi have come after we started to release Kokuin. And there were a lot of comments on that project too, I was really surprised, thanks for your support!

This project is one requested by a friend of one of our staff members. Since we already have 2 yaoi projects, I don’t think we’ll pick another one before they’re finished. In fact, we already have many on going projects, we’ll complete one of them first. (Probably 11 eyes, since there are just a few chapters left)

Feel free to suggest any kind of project at our forum, it can be yaoi, yuri, shounen, shoujo, anything. Any project that was dropped out.

Anyway, here’s the download link for Love x Ero Chapter 13, enjoy the release.

Thanks to our translator Shimatta, we already have a whole volume translated, so look forward to new releases!


26 thoughts on “New Project – Love x Ero chapter 13!

  1. Cool, I just found you guys and saw from your list a bunch of mangas that I have that are incomplete for me. I’m so happy that you guys are continuing them!! Thanks so much!!

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