Yama Fu-Tang Chapter 6

Now, releasing Yama Fu-Tang’s last chapter.

This makes our 3rd completed project!!

Well, I’m saying this is Yama Fu-Tang’s last chapter, but in fact, it’s just the first story’s(Kunoichi Koukihei) last chapter. Yama Fu-Tang is an adaption of various short stories written by Yamada Fuutarou, and what we finished translating is just the first one of them. There are other volumes of Yama Fu-Tang, and we won’t be translating them for now, because there aren’t raws available. (We may pick them up in the future if requested, and if someone can provide raws). That’s why I’ll set it as Completed for now.

And we’re still recruiting, all positions. If you want to help with any of our projects, apply at our forum. We’ll be glad to have you in our team. Beginners are always welcome, but be sure to have at least the willpower.

Here you go the download link. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Yama Fu-Tang Chapter 6

  1. Please continue this series! You cannot imagine how many people wish to read it! The raws are now available on the internet up to vol.4. I’ll also happily provide them if you guys agree to pick it up!

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