New Project – Love x Ero chapter 13!

A lot of requests for yaoi have come after we started to release Kokuin. And there were a lot of comments on that project too, I was really surprised, thanks for your support!

This project is one requested by a friend of one of our staff members. Since we already have 2 yaoi projects, I don’t think we’ll pick another one before they’re finished. In fact, we already have many on going projects, we’ll complete one of them first. (Probably 11 eyes, since there are just a few chapters left)

Feel free to suggest any kind of project at our forum, it can be yaoi, yuri, shounen, shoujo, anything. Any project that was dropped out.

Anyway, here’s the download link for Love x Ero Chapter 13, enjoy the release.

Thanks to our translator Shimatta, we already have a whole volume translated, so look forward to new releases!


11 Eyes Chapter 6

Lemon Tea brings you a new release for 11 Eyes!  Here you go the download link.

Remember that we’re always recruiting all positions!

And we’re looking for raws to the following series:

-Kyo→Dai Dakara nandayo!
-Manga no Tsukurikata
-Mijuku Kajitsu
-Momoyama Kyodai
-Haitoku wa amaku mushibamu

Thank you, enjoy the release!

New Project – Kokuin Chapter 2!

Kokuin was requested by cutiepink, at our forum. If you want to suggest any project to us, just go to our forum.

There were some people who asked if Lemon Tea would consider picking up Yaoi or Yuri manga… There’s no problem at all, as long as it’s a dropped project.

Of course there are some of our staffs who don’t like these kind of genres, but there are also the ones who love them, and the ones who don’t really mind them. Our members are free to choose in which projects they want to work.

And we’re recruiting! Please, go to our forum and apply if you want to help us. Beginners are welcome and you don’t have to take any test. All positions are opened, and will be always opened!

Well, here you go the release, Kokuin Chapter 2: MediaFire

Enjoy! ~~

Yama Fu-Tang Chapter 6

Now, releasing Yama Fu-Tang’s last chapter.

This makes our 3rd completed project!!

Well, I’m saying this is Yama Fu-Tang’s last chapter, but in fact, it’s just the first story’s(Kunoichi Koukihei) last chapter. Yama Fu-Tang is an adaption of various short stories written by Yamada Fuutarou, and what we finished translating is just the first one of them. There are other volumes of Yama Fu-Tang, and we won’t be translating them for now, because there aren’t raws available. (We may pick them up in the future if requested, and if someone can provide raws). That’s why I’ll set it as Completed for now.

And we’re still recruiting, all positions. If you want to help with any of our projects, apply at our forum. We’ll be glad to have you in our team. Beginners are always welcome, but be sure to have at least the willpower.

Here you go the download link. Enjoy!