11 Eyes!


We’re bringing you a new Project, 11eyes! This one was suggested by “Kuro Kagami”, the same person who suggested Yama Fu-Tang, at our previous forum, in 12 Mar 2011.

And yesterday was KVProd11’s birthday, congratulations! He’s one of our senior Staff Members (he’s been with us for quite some time now), he’s a pro at cleaning and redrawing, really! Be sure to thank him for all the hard work…!

Now… the Release: Download Chapter 5


Watashi no Megane-kun 15

Hello, dear readers.

We’re releasing a new chapter, Watashi no Megane-kun 15! You may download it here.

We also want to inform you that we’re almost done with the 2 chapters left to Yama Fu-Tang, and we’ll have a release of 11 Eyes soon as well.

We won’t work on more than 3 projects at once, but since we’re completing Yama Fu-Tang, we may consider picking up something new…!

We’re looking for japanese raws to the following series:

If you can become a raw provider for us, or find japanese raws of these projects, we’ll be really grateful.

We need more staff members, so if you have enough free time and like to do this kind of work, please, apply at out forum. (You can read all the details about the application there)

That’s it, enjoy the release!