Lemon Tea Anniversary

Today, June 14th, is the 1st Lemon Tea’s anniversary!

06/14/11 Was the date when Yorozuya Mio-chan was created…

We changed names and forums, but we’re still the same group with the same objective: Save the dropped mangas.

So many good people worked here, some of them are still with us, some of them have gone away, but I’m thankful to everyone who helped this group out!

We’ve already completed Yubisaki Milk Tea, Zoku Sensei no Okiniiri and almost Yama Fu-Tang!

And thanks to the readers who supported us!!! You’re the best, and we’re here to serve you! A “Thank you” from you make our day.

Thanks for the leechers as well… It makes us happy to see some files with more than 2.000 downloads.

The present Lemon Tea is receiving is this blog!!

And in this anniversary, the ones who receive presents are you! So, I’m here with a mass release of our New Project, Watashi no Megane-kun!

Well, it was supposed to be a Mass release, but in fact, it’s just a double release. ^^’

I was working on it in my free time, since long time ago.

This project is a bit different, since the volumes aren’t split in chapters… So I separated the “chapters” as I felt like.

And I stopped translating the SFX at some point… Hope you don’t mind.

Here you go the download links:

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Thank you very much, our dear readers!


10 thoughts on “Lemon Tea Anniversary

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! Two awesome beautiful wonderlust-filled chapters of one of my most loved manga EVER!!!!! *dancing around in twirls half laughing mostly crying with joy as my tears are swept from my face into the waves of air currents flowing from my swirls and leaps* Thank you so very much for releasing chapters of this story! It has been sooooooooo very long since this manga has had any releases that I had all but given up the ship. I had felt such despair at the thought of not knowing the ending to this story. Truly I thank you on my knees face to the floor bowing humbly before you in gratitude and appreciation. I pray you can feel my deep emotions radiating through to you. Thank you!!! *weeping some more, seriously and in no way do I jest* Thank you!!! Oh, and before I forget, Happy Anniversary!!! I like your new look and name. Of course, I would like you no matter what. Thank you again, truly! I pray you continue this story. Thank you so very very much!!! *blows nose and wipes eyes on my sleeve whilst looking up at you in awe and reverence* (Please forgive this beggar who hungrily, greedily, desperately snatches up every last morsel of this story…I realize how pathetic this must look, but it’s an obsession, an addiction. Please try to understand.)

  2. Happy anniversary, Lemon Tea! Thank you for completing all the works you have! And omg, I squealed when I saw you picked up Watashi no Megane-kun – there aren’t enough thank yous in the world to express my gratitude. So, thank you for all the hard work and best of wishes!

  3. Happy anniversary!!! thank you so much for all of your hard work, very appreciated. And yay watashi no megane :teary eyed: Congrats on your first year and now I’m getting hyped up to read watashi XD

  4. Congrats and happy anniversary =)
    Also thanks for picking up Watashi no Megane-kun
    I thought no one would translate it anymore
    Personally I don’t mind not having the SFX translated (especially if it makes the release faster ;p)
    Thanks again to everyone that worked on the projects
    I’ll be cheering you guys on in the shadows

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND HAPPY ANNI~ im so happy you picked up this project, ive been waiting FOREVER for someone to pick it up~ IM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL~

  6. Happy to see quite a few people happy makes me want to clean faster haha. Glad to of joined and work with the team. Enough with my babble and more importantly HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! :D

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